Monday, April 04, 2005

This is hilarious

L.A. Daily News - News: "As for re-creating the images of religious figures and regarding them as sacred rather than the typical toy tossed on the bedroom floor, Tamberg said he believes the dolls likely will be attractive to families who will teach their children the difference.

'One would expect that their kids will be told that they are giving them something special,' Tamberg said. 'Hopefully, they will explain it to them.'"

Yeah right. Kids won't be able to tell the difference. It'll be Jesus and Buzz Lightyear against... I dunno, who are the bad guys these days?

But remembering my childhood days and the power of cult brands over my nascent imagination (Popeye, Smurfs, Star Wars) I don't think these dolls are an entirely bad idea. But they do probably further convince skeptics that Christians are entirely loony.

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Sandra said...

I love how they always make Jesus look like a member of a southern rock band...(groans).

Pretty funny, though.