Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Be yourself - another gem from Henri Nouwen

Be Yourself

Often we want to be somewhere other than where we are, or even to be someone other than who we are. We tend to compare ourselves constantly with others and wonder why we are not as rich, as intelligent, as simple, as generous, or as saintly as they are. Such comparisons make us feel guilty, ashamed, or jealous. It is very important to realize that our vocation is hidden in where we are and who we are. We are unique human beings, each with a call to realize in life what nobody else can, and to realize it in the concrete context of the here and now.

We will never find our vocations by trying to figure out whether we are better or worse than others. We are good enough to do what we are called to do. Be yourself!

I heartily agree, but sometimes my attitudes say otherwise. I've been going through some sort of metamorphosis over the past two years, it feels like, going from what I was - someone who was passionate about business and dedicated to the cult-like church we were going to - to what I am becoming - somebody far more arty.

Trouble is, an arty person - or even a real artist - has to make ends meet. And it's in this area of career that I'm probably struggling the most. Nowadays workers in the artistic field have to network and schmooze with the best of them. It's no different than my "previous life" really, it's just that I know myself a bit more now. But that tends to make it harder, not easier.

However, I have to take on board words like the above - start with who I am, and where I am, and work from there. Anything else is a waste of time and defeats me before I start.

So, thank You God for making me, me. Help me to start today - and every day subsequent - knowing that You have a plan that's tailor made for me. Yes it's hard work, and yes I need to learn and adapt to new skills and new people, but I can do it because this path is designed for me.

God is awesome sometimes how He'll speak to you through your own words.

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