Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm in community!

I was just reading Sandra's blog, and realised that hey, I actually know this person! This most eloquent of bloggers is actually in my orbit of people I know.

And it made me think - this time last year, Marie and I were somewhat on the retreat from close-knit community, while at the same time very aware it was what we needed.

Now, without us trying particularly hard, we find ourselves in community again. It's very satisfying.

There's the Crossover team, where Sandra comes in - and Adam, and Robyn. Neat people, passionate people. The kind of people you want to be around.

Then there's church - theSanctuary in Auckland. Thanks to Marie's work friend Michelle (who is quickly becoming a real close sister!) we're going regularly, because she needs a lift home from us afterwards! Good plan, God! Otherwise we would've never got around to getting regular.

And for this month only (while stocks last) I'm working at my old stomping ground, Rhema Broadcasting Group. I've got community coming out of my ears!

It's funny, the Crossover team aren't all Christians, but we have a surprising amount in common, given our widely divergent backgrounds. And what's really nice is we're fairly open-minded about each other's differences. I think it actually helps our creativity.

That doesn't change the fact I'd like everyone I know to know God personally. That doesn't equate to knowing or believing in exactly the same way I do, to make me feel validated. That's the baggage I've dropped on my journey through, and out of, the dysfunctional church scene.

Speaking of church, theSanctuary is a Godsend. They provide a hype-free zone, and focus on the heart issues. That's not to say they're perfect - I'd get freaked out if I visited the absolutely perfect church. But these guys get rid of some of the stuff that I find gets in the way of people connecting with God.

We had a great guest speaker on Saturday - the Princess of Tonga. Amazing lady, very much led by the Spirit and no slave to tradition. Very quiet, gentle, gracious and radiating an inner strength. So encouraging.

She encouraged anyone to whom it applied to know when a season of grieving was over, and move into what God had that was new for them. I think that was for us!


Sandra said...

"most eloquent of bloggers," hey thanks, Sy.

Borscht said...

I knew it!

See Sandra -- I told you Simon and you were operating on false information.

Of course, God-Forbid someone would thank me for having made all of these Epiphanic Moments possible -- of course, the best thing I could hope for was an all-expenses paid visit to the leper colony!

Appreciate me for having ennabled you so.

What do you really feel about people who don't beleive that Jesus is a god? Tell me that -- and tell it to me properly.

Don't give me the short version crap -- I want the long version. Not your Mel Gibson defence for the flogging scene crap.

See Simon -- two of us can play Passive-Aggressive. I cam act anything as you can. Also, don't save all of your invective for me on a rainy day. Deliver it straight, or poo it out into the septic stream like everyone else, eh?

I bet you in Seven Steps (the Noahide Laws, Brother) I could convince you that your so-called Fundamentalist beliefs are leading you totally astray -- and if you try to malign my identity with some Satanic bullshit about how we poison wells, use your lord's blood for our unleavened bread, or kill kids, I'll have words with you in Waterview, if you know what I mean.

Borscht said...

Besides, that's the reason why Sandra won't get off your praising case -- when you clearly undermine me and my noble efforts to improve intercultural harmony in this country and between divergent faiths.

You and her are in Fundamentalist Cahoots.

Even if she hates you, she has to love you, if you know what I mean.

You pulled out on ME, brother. If I was a fundamentalist like you, instead of the wonderful sparrow free spirit which I am, maybe you'd have reconsidered your withdrawal.

Besides, what does it matter -- now you're on the blimmin' warpath, lookin to tomahawk/patu-chop my noggin over some perceived Passive-Aggressive Adrenaline Deficient State you're presently in?


Simon said...

Just for the record, the reason I left Crossover was EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD ADAM when I left - that my health couldn't handle the journey ahead.

I really hate it when people don't take what you say, but instead look for "the real story" "between the lines" etc. etc.