Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Spiritual experience at the dentist

I went to the dentist today - John Wright, a former advertising client of mine and a great dentist - and had a spiritual experience.

Either that, or there was something in the local anaesthetic - I needed a lot of it, sensitive fellow that I am!

I was there for an hour and a half, my mouth gradually getting more and more numb. The headphones were playing an album by Selah, beautiful music including that song "You Raise Me Up" which nearly always makes me cry. Thankfully not this time.

But it was an amazing time for me to reconnect with God - and in a way, with myself.

Here I was, completely helpless in the hands of this dentist and hygienist. They could've really done anything to me, I couldn't see what was going on, and couldn't particularly feel anything. They might have removed my teeth for all I knew at the time. (They didn't; don't worry!)

Not only did I not know what they were doing, I wasn't fully aware of what I was doing as the anaesthetic set in. I may have been a slobbering wretch for all I know, but, bless them, they didn't tell me.

This state of helplessness is how we are with God - 100% of the time! Whether we are very aware of it, AND when we feel in control of our destiny.

That's why I feel closer to God in times of uncertainty, illness or misfortune. It goes against the things I used to briefly believe - that "abundant life" essentially meant being in control. It was a struggle for me to believe that, but I find I've travelled 360 degrees. Not that I seek uncertainty, illness or misfortune - but they're guaranteed to come into every life. The answer I've discovered is not to freak out when that sort of stuff happens, but to roll with it. Go with it.

As if to confirm, the "morning huddle" email I get from my cousin-in-law Nalani - all the way in Arizona, USA - said this today:

The peace that God gives is a way-down-in-your-gut confidence that everything that happens to you, good or bad, is something He will use to bring you closer to Him and make you more like Him. As your friendship with Jesus grows, this peace will take root in your heart. He promises it will!"

Sure 'nuff!

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