Sunday, September 25, 2005

Telegraph | Expat | The Bible for slow readers

Telegraph | Expat | The Bible for slow readers

Nice idea. I like their clearly defined target audience: those in search of faith, or Christians who want to be refreshed in their experience with the Bible. (Those are my words)

Sometimes we get so hung up over the fact that the Bible is God's Word that we fear presenting it in a relevant way. To people of that mindset I say just present it in the original Hebrew or Greek and let people learn the languages if they really want to seek.

Some stuff in the old testament is more easily understood with charts etc. than paragraphs, yet because the information was stored in words, it was able to be passed down more accurately to us. God knew what He was doing :) Diagrams may not have survived the hands of many scribes as well as letters and characters.

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