Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Telegraph | Expat | Missionaries desert the Dark Continent to convert the secular French

Not that this is news, but kind of refreshing to find a comment about Christianity in the mainstream media that's not laced with sarcasm or negativity. Much.

The article's about British evangelical mission organisations sending people to France and Spain.


"[Europe]'s geographical proximity and relative lack of Bible-based Protestant churches has made it increasingly alluring territory for British evangelicals. Moreover, large parts of the Third World are now so teeming with Christians that they are no longer seen as obvious destinations - and they are even exporting their own missionaries to the West."

This last bit is so true. I can't remember where I read it, but it said that Africa and Asia are now sending more missionaries back to Europe than the other way around.

Another article (or maybe the same one, can't remember?) was saying that figures showing which religion is growing fastest (you know, the ones that show Islam is the fastest growing) may be misleading because the statisticians are looking for institutional, traditional expressions of religion - and much of the explosive growth in places like Africa and India is taking place in a far less official way, through the growth of housechurches, etc.

Just like it was in the book of Acts.

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