Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Do you know Jesus?

Do you know Jesus?

For her humility and small size, Grace is an amazing woman.

We first heard about her in a church newsletter last year; she was on a missionary trip to Hawaii and then Japan. Not knowing much more about her, we prayed that God would bless her trip.

Fast forward to last Sunday. Marie's mum, going through some struggles of her own, goes to Christian Life Centre, meets Grace out of the blue, and takes her home for lunch.

Lunch turns into dinner, dinner turns into the spare room for the night, and so on until today. Freeloader? No! Blessing? Yes!

Not only has Grace helped Marie's mum with some of the areas she was struggling with, she also advised Marie on her studies, having come from a very similar background herself. That was something only God could arrange.

Grace has this question she asks people - Do you know Jesus? It's a real cut-through-the-crap sort of question. People usually answer "I'm not religious" or "I used to go to church" but she points out that's not what she asks. Then she tells them Jesus loves them and that's it. No pressure, no hassle.

It's really nice to have some simplicity in your life sometimes. Maybe one day I'll learn how to be that simple.

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